My love of photography goes beyond taking photographs. I also collect and sell photographic prints that I love.

Images are ultimately made for printing. Printing is the expression of the magic of photography.

A Print it’s the photographer’s statement about the light, the mood, the space, the spirit and being of the image, is the completion of a photograph; without it the image is suspended in time, without interpretation

A photograph isn’t a photograph until it’s a print. Im happy to print it for you and to share the story behind it if you are interested.

My ideal is to share with you a print that is significantly alive, and like no other, so if

you love the physical presence of a print, it’s tactile, sensual visual experience, please visit the galleries of my current collection that’s on sale below and let’s discuss together what best suits you or your space. Images are unique and no two images will be sold on the same size. Like no other.

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